Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Greenville's Anthropologie!

Greenville has a new store, well sort of...

Downtown Greenville
Main and Washington Block 1
Greenville, SC 29601
(864) 242-4553
I could not be prouder of our new ANTHROPOLOGIE  in downtown Greenville, SC.  Take a closer
look at the photos above that I captured while shopping right after their grand opening.  Notice the peach tree and the orange dress.  I loved this gesture since we are noted for our peaches in the area.  Another thing that I was impressed with is their lighting.  Maybe I am crazy but this is some of the best display lighting I have ever seen.  It looks like the real sun coming through! 
Did you know they also use local artists artwork, and local antique stores to shop for display items? 
 "Fine Arts Center student Sierra Snipes' design concept and proposal was chosen and accepted for the 20 feet wide by 8 feet tall mural project. The completed artwork will stand until construction of the store and plaza is completed; afterward the mural will be deconstructed
for inclusion in the store's interior displays." 
So go ahead, take a look in the our new ANTHROPOLOGIE and
I promise you will not come out empty handed,
from cookbooks to door knobs, and clothing to candles they have it all.
Enjoy Yourself!

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