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robyn gordon’s south african wood carvings

robyn gordon’s south african wood carvings: "

I had to share this entry from DailyArtMuse. I just love what Robyn has done here. Enjoy!

Carved wooden totems, doors and panels tell the story of Robyn Gordon’s life in South Africa. I am drawn to her niche carvings, resting places for symbols of the land she calls home and her British ancestry. A self taught artist, Gordon’s work is sometimes playful, often a thoughtful response to current events and always full of rich details, including the wire, beads and found objects she incorporates into each sculpture.

“The totems ‘speak’ of legends that have been passed down from one generation to the next. They are meditative pieces which bring me a great sense of peace.” Robyn Gordon

Prayers For Our Daughters

Carved in response the current crisis of genocide/gendercide in India

Robyn is also the author of the popular blog Art Propelled, where she shares her work in progress as well as thoughts on creativity, photos and links to art she has come across on the internet. The blog enjoys a large and loyal readership who comment regularly – a spirited bunch that feeds her creativity – do visit to see for yourself.

Sketch of totem


Secret Portals, decorative door

“This door is my representation of a secret portal behind which ancient secrets are kept. In Africa there are many secret portals where objects used for rituals and ceremonies are hidden. Masks, reliquaries and sacred vessels are often only brought out during ceremonies and rituals. Sometimes sacred objects are viewed only by those who have proper rank and knowledge to do so.” Robyn Gordon

Tribal Secrets

“I strive to keep my work different to what is out there but I’m definitely influenced by the tribal art of Africa as well as tribal art world wide. On the one hand I want to convey a feeling of ancient tribes with stories to tell and on the other a love for gathering which I think is an instinct alive in most of us.” Robyn Gordon

You can read interviews with the artist here and here. Many more images on her Flickr site.

“The patterns, objects, symbols are all of this land. No matter what tribe we belong to we who were born in this country belong here and make South Africa what it is.” Robyn Gordon


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