Sunday, September 13, 2009

See how the "Big Dawgs" do it!

A mosaic friend of mine, Tom Snyder (and company-Designer Glass Mosaics) just finished a large mosaic mural for a waterfall in Charlotte, NC. I have been following Tom's progress since before the "birth". Luckly I live an hour and a half from where Tom's shop is and was able to actually see it in the "almost" finished stage. It was so exciting to see his work (and meet the others) not to mention, to spy for new material I hadn't seen before! Here is a link to Tom's site...and here is where you see how the "Big Dawgs" do it! Enjoy!
PS...Tom and the rest of your crew did a fantastic job!

1 comment:

Life Looms Large said...

I went to that link thinking "Ho Hum.....Wonder if this will be any good."

Wow....just wow!

Thanks for posting about this! I totally want to swim in that pool when it's ready!



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