Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I bet you didn't know!

Are you lost for mosaic or drawing/painting inspiration? Bored with your own ideas? Well then, Dover Publishing has a cure for that. They offer free samples of line art and color art for download. It has helped me over the years with my own ideas, so they might just help with yours. Plus you can order online or buy the books at your local bookstore. I like that cause I want everything right this minute. So, take a look and enjoy.
ps: I am not affiliated Dover Publishing, just love their books.

1 comment:

canngil said...

They are wonderful. I use them all the time to make coloring pages for the children that visit my library. That might sound a bit strange, but I get to introduce them to all kinds of art. They love them, and it helps keep them quiet while parents are looking for books or on the computers.


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