Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Creation of a Decorative Mosaic Mirror

I was reading one of my favorite mosaic artist's blog yesterday (Barbara Keith). Barbara was explaining the stages of a mosaic piece and how long each stage takes. I loved her idea of sharing this and thought I would do the same. Thanks Barbara for the idea!

The first part is rather slow, it involves deciding what to do with what you've got. Since most of my work is by commission only or by client I don't keep a lot of substrates to use. I did find a Gothic shaped mirror and pulled it out from hiding. I knew right off what colors I wanted (kinda) I looked in my stash and saw these beautiful tiles that Beth Norton from TigerLily Treasures had made for me. That would be my jumping point. From this point I started searching for other colors to coordinate. I don't know how I find anything in my studio, it's really really messy right now. So my time for this was about 30 minutes. Not bad! This will be a fun project without worry if someone will like it. I love the color choice too. I will try to post my progress tomorrow.

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Barbara Benson Keith said...

It's always fun to hear how other people work. Can't wait to see more, Laura! (and thanks for the plug!)


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