Monday, April 13, 2009

Now we go to the next Step...

Grouting is my least favorite part of mosaic. Your grout powder will need to be mixed to a peanut butter consistency. I add small amounts of water in a tub and stir to achieve this. I then let it set for a few minutes until it slakes or rather has a slight film on top. Little by little I add the grout to the mosaic...always to remember to wear goggles, and gloves. The grout just ruins your hands. Now after applying the grout I wipe and wipe, and wipe, and wipe, and wipe. Then I wipe a little more until I like the look. Here I am using white newspaper to clean, some people use lint free cloths. This is a very short description of thisprocess. You can learn more in my mosaic workshop.
Ta Da! It's grouted but I'm not diggin the white grout. Now what. Guess I will have to experiment. Hummm, I think I will be naughty and try paint. The unthinkable to some. I will be back with more photos on this tomorrow.


Life Looms Large said...

Every time I see your work, I want to try mosaic!!

I can see where grouting wouldn't be fun....messy and gritty.

Intrigued that you can do something to change the color with paint. Will stay tuned!!


Laura K. Aiken said...

Sue you have wonderful designs with your work....use one of those and get some material and go for it. :)


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